Student Support

Creating a pathway to a larger vision for learning as a student is an excellent way to practice making your dreams come true throughout your life! Together with a small group, this self-directed student and I used a creative thinking process to help her to set a vision for her learning and create some SMART goals. We then constructed a performance dashboard so she could track her goals. 




I designed this Creative Problem Solving board to help students facilitate themselves in the CPS process. Created for Agile Learning Centers.

Throughout the school week, students and teachers at ALCs post challenges or issues they notice to the board. Once a week, at a “Change-up” meeting, these issues are addressed. This board was created so that anyone could facilitate the CPS process as the group works through a challenge.

Designed like an oversized game board, the facilitator follows the board’s arrows and cues to work through the process. A challenge is chosen and worded using a statement starter from the board. The facilitator then moves the challenge to the Ideas diamond, and the group generates ideas for solving the challenge. Tool cards are provided in pockets for each stage to help the group to be creative and efficient.

The group then chooses an idea using one of the tools available and decides to either give the idea a trial run (and therefore move it to the “Try it” box), or develop the idea further with more CPS tools. A committee can take an idea through the development and planning diamonds, if necessary.

After trying an idea, the school community will decide in another Change-up meeting whether this idea should become a community agreement, or if the original challenge needs to be revisited.