CPS Facilitation



Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a natural process made explicit, with tools for improving performance within the process. Its goal is to help reach more creative solutions to the problems that arise in life.

We use CPS because it gets us to novel solutions, it keeps us focused and on track, and takes us to a point where we can actually make our creative ideas happen.

We can employ CPS for any issues over which we have ownership and motivation and that require imaginative thinking.

CPS is facilitated; this allows us to stay devoted to the process. The facilitator’s main job is to run how the group works together and the steps they take. The facilitator does not participate in the content, meaning they do not generate ideas or give opinions. The only decisions they make are related to what the group does within the session. The facilitator is an objective person who is solely focused on helping the group to effectively and efficiently obtain their stated objectives.

A group client

This shipping and marketing group client was anxious for some novel ideas to help them compete with the big online retailers. We started by exploring their challenge and moved through the process to find a new and exciting solution. They generated tons of ideas during the session and were especially boosted by the visual connections tool we used to think more flexibly. Now they have a solution that they are motivated to get started on plus a lot of other great ideas to go back to as well.

“Sara did a fantastic job of making our group think outside of the box. With the structural thinking that she made us institute, our problem solving skills went from a 5 to a 9.9. Thank you Sara for taking the thinking of our team to the next level…”

“That was one of the most productive meetings I have ever been in!”

“Sara completely changed our staff’s perspective on problem solving. She helped us truly identity our problem and then helped us determine what we wanted our solution to be. I have worked with professional facilitators that charge $350 / hour. This exercise with Sara was much more valuable.”

“Thank you so much for your time today. That was one of the most valuable sessions I’ve ever been a part of.”

A client with a resource group

This client utilized a resource group and the CPS process to generate ideas concerning her next professional endeavor. She benefited significantly by a tool that helped her reframe her challenge statement. She left with over a hundred ideas and a big smile!