Creativity Defined

Creativity: the capacity to generate novel, useful ideas

There are many variant definitions of creativity floating around out there. Generally agreed upon is that creativity involves novelty and usefulness. When these two items are our criteria, it becomes clear that creativity is interdisciplinary; it can be found and exercised in every facet of life. Creativity is not confined to the arts or monopolized by the crafty. Creativity is behind the advent of every mathematical theory, every scientific formula, and every technological advance, too. As humans, we all have the capacity for creative thinking. Some of us exercise it more than others, and we may have varying natural ability levels, but we all have the capacity. The more we learn about creativity, the more we understand it as something that can be learned and can be practiced, like many other skills. Instead of thinking of creativity as something we have or don’t have, perhaps it is more like something we use or don’t use or something we do or don’t do. So, stay tuned, and let’s get creative.