It Takes a Village


“It takes a village.”

You’ve heard the phrase. It takes support from a community to raise a child, to help them learn and grow and reach their fullest potential. But once they are grown, is the community done? You and I, we are grown, but are we done growing?

I know this as a mother – that in our focus on raising our children, sometimes we forget ourselves. But what better way to help raise passionate, driven children than to be dreamers and doers ourselves, to be continuously learning and growing?

It takes a village – a community of support to keep us all growing and moving forward. We need each other – to share our dreams, to bounce ideas off each other, to work towards common goals, to support each other’s strengths, to teach each other what we know, to collaborate to make things happen.

The world is better when we work together. Our individual dreams and strengths are important. Our potential is vast. With a safe community to hold each other’s dreams and goals and help us work toward them, we can change the world. We are each a river of ideas. When we connect with others, momentum grows.

It takes a village. Not just to raise a child, but also to continue to grow us as adults and to make the world the kind we want to live in.


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